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We're excited to welcome back summer with Garden Art Walk 2024! We're pairing up gardens of all sizes with artists of all kinds for a one-of-a-kind community experience. And we couldn't do any of this without the participation of our local gardeners and artists!

Date: Saturday, June 29th
Time: 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Megan Carvalho


Come and enjoy my front lawn chaos garden full of wild flowers, native perennials, and buzzing bees.

Claire Donnelly

Gardener and Artist

My artwork is constantly evolving. I seek inspiration from the natural world, the ebbs and flows of life, and our deepest desire for connection. My art is a vehicle for change for myself, allowing me to create paintings to communicate an experience or feeling. It is my hope that my artwork can also potentially provide opportunity for change of perspective for the viewer.

Karlene Ball


I love finding funky fabric that makes the best functional gifts. I started sewing on a hand-me-down sewing machine about 10 or so years ago and now I try to find the time to cut fabric, iron it, and sew it whenever I get the chance. Sewing is a great way to de-stress and focus on something creative. It’s the best feeling when someone else loves the things I make too! I used to hear people say they were “so envious” that I knew how to sew and that name stuck!

Pat Gorham   

Gardener and Artist

In all areas of life, I love experimenting! Each year my garden is full of wonderful surprises.
Likewise, I enjoy playing with traditional and non-traditional art mediums and all kinds of styles ranging from realism to abstract. The creative process is what brings me joy.

Lisa Boemer


Lisa Boemer is a visual artist who resides on the North Shore of Boston and enjoys painting land/seascapes and incorporates impressionist style and techniques directly on paper NOAA navigational charts as well as traditional canvases and panels.  She also enjoys creating intuitive, abstract expressive paintings using cold wax and oil.

Connie Carman 


Enjoy respite from the sun on our covered Victorian porch amidst the work of artist Sean Lobdell. Sip iced tea and play an old fashioned lawn game among the summer blossoms.

Jocelyn Cook


What began as a little project to remove invasive plant material from our new to us home in 2022, has blossomed into a passion for growing cut flowers, love of flower arranging and creating thoughtfully designed native habitats for critical pollinators.

This will be my second year working to overhaul our yard, expanding my gardens, beginning to transform our backyard and replacing additional grass with shrubs and flowers.  

Pending Mother Nature’s blessing, this year I’ll have close to 250 dahlias in my front yard, 145 native plants, 22 peonies, 6 roses, 2,000 cut flower annuals and 13 varieties of edible flowers and plants for inclusion as design elements in my arrangements. I follow nontoxic garden practices and love the connections made in the community through a shared love of gardening.

Ellen Garvey

Artist and Gardener

I have been involved with crafts all my life, always having many projects going to keep my hands busy. After decades of a career in high tech I came to the realization that I was no longer doing that due to the demands of work. It had to change! So I signed up for a glassblowing class as a way to force myself to escape. Glassblowing is an activity that requires one’s full attention so the escape plan worked. I was hooked. I subsequently added glass fusing to my repertoire.

Pam Holland


The front garden of this large historic home consists of shaded Hostas on the north side and more sunny perennials on the south side. Large planters line the staircase to the front door and hanging baskets adorn the porch. The back garden has large rock terraces and a staircase to an upper yard. The house was situated to take advantage of the large natural rock outcropping in the back yard.

SHS Discovery Point Postgraduate Program

Emily Merced

Artists and Gardeners

The Discovery Point Program is for young adults, ages 18 to 22, with disabilities and diverse learning styles. This program focuses on helping young adults discover and develop their individual strengths and interests while preparing them for an independent and fulfilling life in the community.

Discovery Point Students and interns participate in designing, creating, and selling handmade items at local farmers and craft markets to fundraise for community-based learning opportunities. Our artists spend time exploring leisure and hobby activities as well as career opportunities through the design, creation, and sales process of the Discovery Store. Recently sold items have been: wooden jack-o-lanterns, holiday ornaments, greeting cards, customized pens and tumblers, vinyl stickers, upcycled crayons, and much more.

Margaret Bachini 


Blueberry bushes in pots!!! Growing garden vegetables in groups of pots to hide from critters!! Creating your own oasis of peace and serenity to enjoy all summer!!

Theresa Curtis


Painting has always been a passion of mine, and since retiring from teaching I have enjoyed developing my style full time. Living on the North Shore has been an inspiration to me, and I enjoy painting scenes from my photographs of local landscapes. It brings me such pleasure to interpret the beauty in nature through experimentation with color and texture.

Torey Cummings


Sean Lobdell


Sean Lobdell, born in 1968 in New Haven, Connecticut, began his artistic education early, exploring prestigious collections at Yale, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and MoMA in New York. He studied art at Northeastern University, The Museum School at the MFA, and Mass Art, including under the mentorship of Robert Wells. Influenced deeply by Jackson Pollock, Lobdell has dedicated over 100 pieces to the late master. His diverse portfolio includes abstracts, pop art, expressionism, and modernism, with more than 200 works created since 2000. Lobdell’s reclusive nature keeps him away from gallery shows and media, focusing instead on evoking strong emotional responses through his limited commissions and deeply private exhibitions.

Susan K Burgess


Susan K Burgess has painted on-site since 1966 in her native New England, Southwest & West Coast USA, Italy, Portugal, Mexico & the Caribbean. She earned a BA (studio art) from Boston College, MEd courses from RI College, and Graduate Certificates in Management from Harvard-Radcliffe Institute and Graphic Design from NSCC. Her career spanned teaching art to children in RI and MA public schools to producing art enrichment programs to savvy seniors and MBA students, initiating & managing a gallery in Cambridge, and managing two sales programs at an art museum, while still painting 'plein air' on a parallel course. An award-winning member of several North Shore arts associations, she has had 15 solo exhibits to her credit between 1995-2018.

Anthony DeLisi


Vegetable Garden and flowers.

Frances Levy-Freiman


A cottage garden on the property of a Royal Barry Wills home. Landscape, hardscapes, pergola, shed, trellis and arbor designed and built by the owners. Numerous perennials, window boxes and pots full of annuals. An explosion of color!

Agatha Morrell


Our garden has been created for birds, bees and butterflies. The circular path through it is full of surprises. No dogs please.

Margaret Somer


The SOMER GARDEN, sometimes known as BALLYHOSTA, is a classic perennial garden, with layers of bulbs, flowers and flowering shrubs emerging each month.  These perennials bloom for 2-3 weeks. Annuals are interplanted in May, which bloom till fall frost. The garden starts with tulips, daffodils and purple hyacinths in April and happily ends with mums and Montauk daisies in October.

Mary DeChillo


Along the sidewalk on Rockland Street, we have the new white cedar fence with a lattice top. Enter the gate, descend a hand-crafted staircase, and a “sunken” Beacon Hill style garden appears on the side and in the back of our 1870 Italianate Victorian house.

The garden, driveway,  and retaining wall were completely redesigned and  reconstructed 2 years ago through a collaboration  between the Kostin Nursery of Ipswich and Meninno Construction of Lynn. It has 2 raised vegetable beds, 2 separate patios (one vintage brick and one made of pea stone). 

The free-form (“figure 8) flower bed in the middle back of the garden lot has a lot of perennials,  a miniature red maple, and decorative rock. The border around the property’s perimeter has cedar trees, evergreens, and hydrangeas. A slate stone path and arbor separate the side and back spaces.

Marcie Gingle


I designed the garden about 20 years ago into a series of “rooms including a water feature."

Swampscott Fire Department

The Swampscott Fire Department is proud to share the talents of our members through this work. The fire-related display is meant to engage the community in our daily firefighting and prevention.

Ernie Dion


I have been working with wood all my life. I get incredible joy out of creating with wood. It is a passion of mine. I am open to custom wood working to meet your needs.

Deb Newman


All the grass is gone and replaced by shrubs and perennials. The garden is intentionally informal. Working on getting as many native and pollinator-friendly plants as possible.

Stephanie Moriarty


Stephanie Moriarty discovered her passion for ceramics a decade ago, immersing herself in the art form at The Clay School in Lynn. As a ceramist, Stephanie is a weaver of functionality and beauty. Her hands mold clay into pieces that seamlessly blend form and function. There's a palpable joy in Stephanie's work, stemming from the deep satisfaction of crafting something with her own hands – something that not only looks beautiful but also serves a purpose, that she is able to shared with others.

Susan Bishop

Swampscott Veterans of Foreign War Post 1240


Red, white, and blue planters to show our spirit!

Leila Tanen


Raised on the beach, I’ve collected sea glass my whole life. While organizing my glass, I started playing around with creating pictures with it and now it’s my favorite thing to do. I teach 3rd grade special education in Lynn. Grew up in Nahant and was in the first class to attend Swampscott High School. My 3 children also attended SHS.

Lori Dion


I have been working with clay for several years. I love working with my hands and creating with clay. I find clay work and painting with watercolor provides me with sense of peace and strength of mind. These mediums ground and balance my life.

Cindy Hellmann 


I have a beautiful front yard garden consisting of perennials, annuals, benches, birdbaths, and bird feeders. I also keep chickens and goats which people will be able to meet and even pet!


Longtime friends and neighbors, Cindy Hellmann and Romi Kielnecker dreamed up Ocean Thrift Mercantile as they love to create beautiful planters and up-cycled treasures for your home and garden.

Come and see our beautiful succulent planters and unique upcycled thrifted treasures.

Swampscott Arts Association

Our mission is to foster and encourage art in Swampscott and the surrounding communities through camaraderie, workshops, and exhibitions for both artist and those who appreciate art.

The work of participating artists at this year's Garden Art Walk is as varied as they themselves are.  Our Works are two dimensional - both painters and photographers  We count many award winners among our membership.

Andrea Amour


We have a flowering front yard and a rear set of raised beds that my 3 year old helps me plant, water, and pull fruits and vegetables from. Gardening is also one of the main points of conversation with our neighbors, which has helped our relationship grow over time.

Diane Reynolds


Lush gardens and flowers and a walking path behind Swampscott High School. Photos of local gardens from long ago, provided by the Swampscott Historical Society, will be on display.

Hannah Sharpless

Gardener and Artist

Beneficial native plants and dye plants gardened in a way that is most sustainable for pollinators and our planet. Always moving towards better stewardship of the earth.

Because the through line of my art practice is the natural world, it ebbs and flows with the seasons, with the tides, and with the temperature. In the winter, I am with the dogs at the beach, observing and capturing the light, water, and landscape, or at home painting with plant inks and pigments I gathered and processed in the summer and into the fall. As we turn towards spring, I anticipate muddy hikes with ink rich buds, blossoms, and fungi, and the sprouts that will unfurl into summer blooms ripe with dye colors. For every new color or interaction I stumble into in my process focused work, I learn more about our local habitats and the way people have interacted with dyes, inks, and other wildcrafts throughout.

Julianna Donovan


Salem Style: crochet accessories that are anything but granny (no offense to granny!). Our original handmade crochet collection draws inspiration from Salem, MA. With over 25 years of crocheting experience and as a fifth-generation crocheter, I create every design with intention.

My original designs include: the iced coffee cup cozy as well as several original hat, scarf, and ear warmer designs.

Heather Goodwin


One of a kind sculptures, wreaths, and textile art created from recycled and reclaimed materials.

Heather Goodwin is the maker behind Sea Hag Studios. She creates art from reclaimed materials. Each piece is one of a kind and helps make the world a cleaner, more beautiful place. Every piece of wood, rope, and textile gets a new life as art. What’s better than that? Her studio can be found in Nahant MA where the land meets the Sea.

Swampscott Police Department

Bike helmet art display: Come and see the colorful display of bike helmets decorated by local students. "Sora" the K-9 will join us plus we will have Kell's Kreme certificates for children.

Sierra Munoz


Seaside Cooperative Garden

A community garden of raised beds with fresh produce and native plants.

The members of the garden are a diverse group, ranging from seniors with over 40 years of gardening experience to young families with children who have never touched a shovel before. 

Come and visit us at the Garden Art Walk to see what is growing and to make art cards by stamping veggies and plants!

Jessica Sapp


I am passionate about local foods and growing whatever you can at home!  I grow kale, rhubarb, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, garlic, beans, zucchini, squash and more. Each year I try to add more to find out what does well in our backyard. Bring a bag and sample local rhubarb!

Laurie Jacobs


In the over twenty years we’ve lived here, our gardens on our corner lot have grown and changed. Recently we’ve added a variety of native trees, shrubs and perennials to our mixed borders. You’re welcome to wander around the house--we suggest starting at the front and then head to the right and along the back.

Cenna Khatib


Cenna Khatib is a vibrant 25-year-old, who serves as an Inclusion Teacher at Lynn Public School and is deeply committed to fostering an inclusive educational environment. Her journey began in 2021 when she graduated from Hofstra University, where she not only earned a BA degree in Psychology and Creative Writing but also held the prestigious position of President at Hofstra Sp!t, a spoken word club. Cenna's passion for poetry ignited over 13 years ago amidst the turmoil of the Syrian Revolution, sparking within her a profound desire to express herself through verse. Recently, she unveiled her debut poetry collection, "The Screams I Whisper," marking a significant milestone in her literary endeavors.

Gregory Mastroianni


My gardens tell a story that words cannot of childhood memories and envisioned bliss. Whether the front, back or side, foundational perennials native to the Northeast anchor the overall design with various colored annuals to keep it interesting each year. I cherish the relationship between plant and gardener.

Rupert Deese


Rupert has been playing and singing traditional music for a decade. He'll be sharing music learned from historical recordings, friends, and the old-time music communities in Los Angeles and Chicago.

Annette Sykes


After spending her formative years in the Midwest - Wisconsin and Missouri, Annette studied fashion design in New York in the mid-90’s and then transitioned to the fine arts when she moved to Boston.  She worked at First Expressions, an art gallery just off Newbury Street, while attending a post-baccalaureate course of studies in sculpture and textiles at the MassArt.  In 2001, while living for a short time in San Francisco, Annette graduated from the California College of the Arts with an MFA.  She then returned to the East Coast and settled on the North Shore.  Having, now, spent almost half of her life in Lynn, she taught in Lynn Public Schools for almost 20 years. Recently having left teaching, she is now focusing on her painting.


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