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Heather Goodwin


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Art for the home and garden created from reclaimed materials.
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As an artist who works with reclaimed wood, driftwood, and rope from commercial fishing, my goal is to create pieces that not only capture the beauty of nature, but also pay tribute to the rugged, hard-working spirit of the commercial fishing industry.

Each piece I create is made from materials that have been salvaged from discarded fishing equipment or driftwood that has washed ashore. The natural wear and tear of these materials is what gives them character and makes each piece unique.

I am inspired by the textures, colors, and shapes found in nature, and I strive to bring those elements to life in my work. Whether I'm creating a wreath, large sculpture or a small wall hanging, I approach each piece with an eye for detail and a desire to create something that is sentimental and will last a lifetime.

My work is also informed by my deep respect for the commercial fishing industry, which has been an important part of the coastal community where I live and work. Through my art, I hope to honor the hard-working fishermen and women who have dedicated their lives to the Sea.

Ultimately, my art is about more than just creating something beautiful. It's about using the materials and techniques of my craft to tell a story about the world around us, and to help others see the beauty and value in the things that might otherwise go unnoticed. The materials I collect along the seashore will not be polluting the ocean or harm the animals that call it home. These ropes, nets and smoothed pieces of wood get a new life as art and I get to help preserve the environment while doing what I love.
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