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James Trevino


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My artist journey has lead me to a convergence of two styles. I have a long history of life drawing and representational concepts in my art. However, in the last seven years I have explored and attained some commercial success in abstract painting.

I paint to explore, make mistakes and experiment with processes and techniques using acrylic and oil media. I draw to reawaken my basic instinct for art which is to discover the beauty of observation and manual documentation with a goal of creating something compelling.

My artwork reflects desires of renewal, revival, and transformation. Inspiration comes from natural landscapes, organic materials, fluid elements, how things are shaped by the elements and the mysteries of the cosmos.

Currently, I am exploring color, texture and accidental abstract painting or fluid dynamics influenced by Mexican artist David Siqueiros and streak painting by German artist Gerhard Richter. My paintings start out with a paint pouring method and through streaking and scraping I develop a composition which sometimes resembles more representational imagery which inspires the title of the piece.

I hope that my paintings take on a mysterious vibe with unexpected features which will allow the viewer an opportunity to explore in their own imagination.
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