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fine art photography, painting, functional art, poetry and folk singing with guitar
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As an avid observer of nature, I am fascinated with the line and shape found in all living things. Using low resolution photography, I attempt to break down the view of the whole to reveal the parts of the subject that create intricate line, form, and stirring softness . . . often as an abstract painter's hand might use color, texture and line to weave paint in symmetry on a canvas.

My work is my meditation. It is compelled by my joy and fascination of line and shape. I seek to find conceptual pattern in all things occurring naturally and utilize not only photography, but also charcoal, graphite and paint to bring these forms and variations of color and line to light. My goal is to discern and interpret the hued designs occurring naturally within nature’s own palette. I tend to seek what is not seen by most and am drawn to any geometric formation created by the natural world’s most profound paintbrush.

I am particularly interested in flowers as still life through all phases of the life cycle. From the unfolding of petals to the dark of crumbling leaves, I strive to express these changes through my work in an effort to better understand the blossom’s structure and the source of its beauty. I often photograph or paint a bloom’s imperfections, hoping to demonstrate its beauty in all passages. Ultimately, I seek truth in all nature and work to reveal its magnificence in every stage.

As an avid creator of still life, I also work to arrange blossoms in visual symmetry. I search for interesting container shapes, visual connections and alternative angles, always working to visually catch natural light. I often try to create an “Impressionistic” quality of the image (in both photography and paint) to reflect my vision of the bloom itself and its parts not commonly noticed.

My two latest series, Simplicity: Chasing Light and Catching Light: The Illumination and Essence of the Bloom reflect my effort to depict the essence and underlying simplicity of the bloom using both paint and graphite on paper and photography respectively. I attempt to capture light in these studies, to celebrate the bloom’s beauty and power within each still life.

In the end, my art is the reflection of my gratitude, recognition and personal celebration of nature’s majesty and truth. I am drawn to its honesty, its darkness, and most importantly, its light.
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