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Lisa Boemer


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Impressionist technique on original NOAA charts of Boston's North Shore. Seaside Swampscott is my inspiration.
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Hello Viewer ~

Appreciate you making a moment to stop by. After experiencing breast cancer, I rediscovered my right brain. (Thankfully, that experience was many years ago now.)

I've studied at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts through workshops/courses and continue to grow as an artist by participating in the same here and abroad in Italy, France, and Ireland as well as NYC and Provincetown, MA and surround myself with artists that inspire me.

Attended The Gathering of Creatives in Santa Fe, New Mexico ~ a gathering created with Julia Cameron, the author of The Artist's Way.

"When I first saw one of Lisa's chart paintings, I knew this would be the perfect gift. When I reached out to her about painting the Long Point Lighthouse, she spent a lot of time to understand why this was an important piece for us. Watching this come to life was like being on a thrill ride, Lisa did an amazing job on this original painting. The passion she has for her work and for making dreams of others come true is contagious.

I highly recommend her work and secretly hope she limits the reprints on this painting." ~ Commissioned Collector

As a lover of all things nautical and moving closer to the Atlantic Ocean, I've expanded my landscape and seascape portfolio to include inspired NOAA nautical chart paintings of coastal areas and created the "Chart Your Course" series. Applying impressionist techniques to create one-of-a-kind keepsakes, designed to serve as a memento of a viewer's own cherished memories or to allow a person to bring the beauty into their home, or both, I enjoy recreating the joy of our favorite spaces, places, moments and beauty.

I work closely to capture the essence of beauty through my drawings, studies of the subject with various colors, painting techniques and perspectives and arrive at a finished piece that ideally will bring you joy every time you view.

My process is to paint on National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (#NOAA) charts or aviation sectionals and border the sides with painter's tape. I'm always eager to peel back the temporary border and see what’s left behind and revealed and untouched by my paint brush, palette knife or sea sponge. This challenges me to evoke a response to a moment of time that captures and incorporates the navigational chart's primary purpose for the mariner and aviator: safety while creating beauty.

You can find me on instagram as well as Facebook: @lebartist1. Explore the reprints below to fit every budget and home decor. Cell phone case covers and shower curtains too! And I love to create joy so please be in touch if you're interested in a commissioned piece of your furry friend or family portrait too!

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89 Burrill Street
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