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Hannah Sharpless


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Botanical Inks, Dyes, and Mineral Pigment Paintings and Textiles
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I make primarily abstract, nature inspired art using
Ingredients foraged locally and processed into art supplies. I also find inspiration and awe in the small, ephemeral details of the natural world and attempt to capture these moments of magic in photographs.
Because the through line of my art practice is the natural world, it ebbs and flows with the seasons, with the tides, and with the temperature. In the winter, I am with the dogs at the beach, observing and capturing the light, water, and landscape, or at home painting with plant inks and pigments I gathered and processed in the summer and into the fall. As we turn towards spring, I anticipate muddy hikes with ink rich buds, blossoms, and fungi, and the sprouts that will unfurl into summer blooms ripe with dye colors. For every new color or interaction I stumble into in my process focused work, I learn more about our local habitats and the way people have interacted with dyes, inks, and other wildcrafts throughout time. My goal is to be always looking, always learning, and actively respecting and caring for these resources and surroundings, and for the people whose ancestors originally stewarded this land.
To see the world through my eyes, follow me on Instagram @pippacloud
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