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INSIGHT Group Art Show/Sale

  • December 03, 2022
  • 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • ReachArts, Lower Art Gallery, 89 Burrill St., Swampscott, MA
  • 295


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You are cordially invited to the pre-holiday group art show/sale, exhibiting the work of local artists, working in different media. Learn more here.



Group Art Show/Sale

December 3rd, 12-6 pm


Alexander Gassel

Katya Popova

Freda Nemirovsky

Pat Gorham


Lower Art Gallery

89 Burrill St.

Swampscott, MA

Refreshments will be served.


Alexander Gassel

“In his work, Gassel uses ancient techniques employed in the creation of icon paintings. He paints with egg yolk tempera, making his own color pigments by grinding natural stones and minerals, such as malachite, cinnabar, or lapis into powder, which he then mixes with egg yolk. The artist often applies gold or silver leaf on the paintings. Blending the avant-garde with traditional Russian iconography, combining ancient symbols with contemporary subjects, Gassel creates surrealist works that reflect his cultural heritage alongside his experience of life in America.”


Katya Popova

Katya Popova was born in Moscow and came to the United States at the age of eighteen. Katya is a multidisciplinary artist, working at the intersection of physical texture, shadow, and sound. Her works explore what could have been by tracing the physical gestures and material qualities of everyday things. This exhibit will show her 2D work.


Freda Nemirovsky

instagram: @freda_nemirovsky

Freda Nemirovsky is an award-winning artist. She is inspired by a variety of visual rhythms in nature created by light and color. She works primarily from direct observation. As Freda tries to capture the beauty of a particular subject she relies on patterns of bold color and subtle tonal ranges.


Pat Gorham

Pat considers herself a Lifelong Emerging Artist. Her art is about experimenting with mixed media in a spontaneous manner. It is more about the ongoing creative process than the end result.

Pat’s favorite subject is everyday life, including people. Her free-flowing, painterly style is semi-abstract to allow for individual interpretation. Her art is as fluid and unpredictable as her subjects.


89 Burrill Street
Swampscott, MA 01907
Open Sundays 10-1



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