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Parking and Shuttle Vans

General Information


The two shuttle vans are courtesy of the Swampscott Senior Center (thank you to the Swampscott Senior Center staff and volunteers!).  

The vans are meant to bring visitors from one neighborhood to the next and/or from their parking spots and then back.  The vans do not have the capacity to be a hop-on-hop-off type van since there are limited stops.

If you plan on using the van service, we suggest limiting your garden walks to two neighborhoods. Be sure to catch the final van back to your parking destination.  The final trip leaves Congregation Shirat Hayam at 2:30 and arrives to the Swampscott Senior Center at 2:50 PM

Van Schedule

The van schedules are based on the neighborhood schedules so they change each hour. A summary is below. Please see the online van map for a map with the exact routes.


Swampscott, MA 01907



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