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Lisa Richardson-Bach


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Bead Embroidery and Woven Jewelry, Fused Glass
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Lisa Richardson-Bach worked as an aerospace engineer for many years before discovering art was her passion. The art and her technical knowledge came together 30 years ago when Lisa learned how to work with stained glass and kiln-formed glass. The beauty, the color, and the fluidness of the glass inspired her artistic spirit, while the technical intricacies of how glass cuts, how glass melts, and how glass forms, satisfied her engineer’s brain.

Eight years ago, Lisa began bead embroidery as a setting for her glass cabochons. The beading rapidly grew into a second passion. Once again the beauty, the color, and the flowing lines of bead embroidery and bead weaving provided artistic inspiration while the complexities of thread patterns and geometry of weaving called to her mathematical background. Lisa has spent her whole life near the ocean, sailing and boating whenever she had the chance. Those experiences deeply affect her art. She designs the feel and motion of the sea into her glass and bead pieces. While Lisa occasionally branches into other styles and designs, she always comes back to the fluid lines of the ocean.
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89 Burrill Street
Swampscott, MA 01907
Open Sundays 10-1



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