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Susan Burgess


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Coastal, Travel and Floral Paintings
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For over fifty years, Susan K. Burgess has painted on-site (plein air) in her native coastal New England, southwest and west coast USA, Italy, Portugal, and the Caribbean. She has a B.A. in Studio Art (Newton College), and graduate work in Art Education, Management and Graphic Design.

Over her career, she taught art to children (K-6) and designed art enrichment programs for senior citizens, initiated/ran a community art gallery and managed a museum sales department, concurrent with an outdoor landscape painting practice.

She is an award-winning juried artist member of Marblehead Arts Association and Cambridge Art Association, Associate Member of North Shore Art Association, and member of Swampscott Art Association.

Artist Statement
When I paint a landscape or seascape, I try to connect to the elements around me and translate what I see and feel to the viewer.

Painting outside requires not only the usual careful observation, but also some specialized gear, determination, stamina, and the ability to handle discomfort, weather, fleeting light, and creatures large and small. So naturally I became dedicated it it!

After more than fifty years at it, however, I now combine plein air work with studio sessions that allow me more experimentation and less aggravation.

Expressing an atmospheric sense of place on a two-dimensional surface still feels magical, though, when the painting 'comes to life.’ Referred to by one art critic recently as 'traditional art with a contemporary flair,' my paintings are inspired by an enduring love of nature.
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