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Neighborhoods,  Routes, Ribbon Gardens, and More


What is a cascading schedule?

There are three neighborhoods with two hours of activities and self-guided walks in each.  Activities begin in the Yellow Primrose Neighborhood, move to the Lilac Neighborhood, and end in the Beach Roses Neighborhood.


Is there a set route?  

No.  You can visit gardens in any order as long as you follow the time frame of the particular neighborhood. Please check the map to see the neighborhood schedules.

You can go to as many or as few gardens as you’d like.  Some prefer to linger in just a few gardens while others like to venture out to more.

Is there a walking “footprint”?

No, there is not.  While the Lilac Neighborhood is generally walkable, the other two neighborhoods have gardens that are not close enough for visitors to walk comfortably. 

Biking is a wonderful way to travel throughout town.

Can I hop-on and hop-off the shuttle van to get to different gardens?

We do not recommend this.  The shuttle van was meant to bring visitors back and forth to parking areas and to bring visitors to another neighborhood and back.  There are limited stops.

Ribbon Gardens

What is a ribbon garden?

Some gardens are meant to be viewed from the sidewalk for a variety of reasons (treacherous terrain, unfriendly pets, etc).  This is indicated on the online map.  Some of these gardens may have a ribbon or a chair near the entrance to the yard.

What do visitors do at the Garden Art Walk?

That depends on your interests and time!  If you only have an hour to spare, check out what activities are happening in that time frame.  You may find a few in the same area.

Is this a free event?

The Swampscott Garden Art Walk is unique because registration for gardeners and artists is entirely free plus there is no entry fee.  These events (and other Reach Arts events) are made possible by your support so donations are appreciated.


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