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Bill Lorenz // Bills Beadery
Beaded Jewelry

Bill Lorenz is a Massachusetts based artist and craftsman with more than two decades of practical experience. His diverse skillset as an illustrator, painter, and beaded jewelry maker has gained a loyal following. Bill’s passion for art began when he was a child and discovered a love of drawing and writing, and he would illustrate his short stories for family and friends. After working decades in the non-profit sector advocating for social justice, Bill decided to shift his career path and bring his passion for creating art front and center, and in 2015 returned to school to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Academy of Art University. Best known for his handcrafted, vintage inspired, colorful and bold, beaded statement jewelry. 

All pieces are one-of-a-kind and completed entirely by hand.

Liz Bradley // Grit & Polish Designs
Jewelry created from local beach stones and sea glass

Liz received her BFA in Jewelry and Ceramics from The University of Michigan in 1990. After a career in museums and returning from the West Coast in 2001, Liz and her family relocated to Boston’s North Shore to enjoy the ever-changing seascape of Swampscott.

Liz finds New England’s coastline rugged, beautiful and full of inspiration. As she collects her beach stones, she thinks about how each has been shaped by the daily waves and tides. Her jewelry is a token of Home for those that live on Boston’s North Shore and serves as a beautiful reminder to those visiting that this Place is truly special.

Sammia Atoui // MiraMar Print Lab
Original, hand pulled by the artist, relief prints of locally themed images

Sammia Atoui’s artistic focus is femaleness, exoticism, and captivity, and her subject matter spans portraits, flowers, domestic scenes, and abstract works. She seeks to connect her view point as a woman into her work and bring the voice of the female experience to her art. Sammia has a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in Printmaking, an MBA from Simmons School of Management, and certificates from MIT, Harvard, and the SMFA. Previous to opening MiraMar Print Lab, Sam worked as an artist out of her home studio creating works on paper featuring figures and flora, led Satoui Designs, designing custom hats, and held positions at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, City of Boston (Public Art), and the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce. Sammia volunteers locally at Clarke Elementary and Marblehead Arts Association. She is mom to two Swampscott youth, Amira & Maddox.
Karlene Ball // Sew Envious
Handmade sewing items & chai tea mix

My mom taught me to use her sewing machine at a very young age, but I only started really using it about 10 years ago. I've never made a quilt and I can't hem pants - but I'll spend hours looking for fun and vibrant fabrics and come up with some really fun items that are great for gifts.

Ellen Garvey // eGlassyLady
Blown and fused glass

Ellen has been a glass blower for several years. She started by taking a glassblowing class at Salem State as a way to escape from her demanding career in high tech. It wasn't long before she was hooked. It's hot, dirty, expensive, and demanding: perfect. She is an instructor of blown and fused glass at Diablo Glass School in Boston, a juried Artist Member of both the Marblehead Arts Association and Gallery 53 (of the Rocky Neck Art Colony) in Gloucester, MA; an active volunteer and three-term board member of the Marblehead Festival of Arts; and artist member, finance committee member and past board member of the Salem Arts Association.

Hannah Sharpless // Hannah Cloud Sharpless
Original Art, Textiles, and Wooden Jewelry made with local sustainably foraged pigments and dyes and nature photography

I use natural, foraged botanical inks, dyes, and mineral pigments to create abstract paintings and hand dyed textiles and jewelry. These works are ephemeral in nature but watching how they change over time is part of what is interesting to me. I love combining my love for hiking and exploring nature with my art practice. I’m always seeing, learning, and understanding things in new ways as a result.

Abigail Groff // New England Apothecary
Hand crafted bath and body products

Abbie Groff started New England Apothecary during the pandemic as a way to channel her creative energy and share the wellness benefits of handcrafted bath and body products. A scientist by day, Abbie loves to experiment and understand how each ingredient contributes to a formula. She has also always loved learning about herbs and DIY cosmetics, so it was only a matter of time before New England Apothecary (NEA) was inevitably born. Her goal with NEA is to create moments of calm through exquisite fragrances and textures to help you connect with yourself and find your bliss. Each of her products features a variety of deeply moisturizing butters or oils to keep your skin magnificently hydrated, and all with an emphasis on environmentally-friendly packaging.

Abbie and her husband Brent moved to Swampscott from Cambridge in 2020, and she is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Whitehead Institute. 

John A. Picariello // North Shore Bowls
Hand turned wooden bowls from reclaimed wood of the North Shore

John A. Picariello, a Swampscott native, started working with wood as a hobby, turning fallen and cut down trees found around the North Shore into one of a kind functional bowls.

The long process from finding the wood, drying ,turning and waxing that can take 8 to 12 months.

“I think it is important to remember what has grown in our community, provided us with beauty, shade, clean air and seasonal changes. I’d like to think that my bowls would be passed down from one generation to another as a reminder of what was”.   -J.A.P.

Stephanie Moriarty // S.M.Pottery
Small batch handmade pottery

Stephanie Moriarty is originally from New York's Hudson Valley. After nearly a decade in Boston, she and her family moved to Swampscott in 2013. Motivated by a lifelong curiosity of ceramics, she began taking classes at The Clay School in Lynn. Since then her mastery and love of the medium have grown exponentially. Turning what was merely a hobby into a thriving ceramics business. Stephanie's pottery can now be found at Raven stone, local farmers markets and art shows. Her unique style is a blend of classic form and contemporary comfort. 

Lee Eddy // Wilder Woodworking
Unique hardwood end grain cutting boards

Lee Eddy has spent 45 years working as a library/media specialist and coaching track. He continues as the head coach for the local girls track team but has retired from full-time teaching. In the past, Lee loved spending any free time working on his woodworking projects. Now, with retirement & Covid, he has plunged into making end grain cutting boards. Each unique board is made out of native hardwoods and a few sustainable hardwoods from Africa, South & Central America. He designs each board as he progresses through the multiple cuttings and glue ups. He then sands them down to 600 grit sandpaper & finishes them with mineral oil & bees' wax. Enjoy your one-of-a-kind cutting board!

Michael Buba // MJB Creations
Hand made wooden items for the home

Michael J. Buba is a life-long woodworker whose labor of love is hand crafting one-of-a kind designs from pens and cutting boards to decorative wall hangings and other unique items. A Salem native and Swampscott resident since 1984, Michael learned his woodworking skills from the best – his father. Michael, a graduate of St. John’s Prep and a veteran who proudly served in the US Marine Corps, established MJB Creations in 2010. Michael’s productions involve wood turning techniques and other woodworking methods to transform an ordinary piece of wood into a useful or decorative item. No two products are alike. When Michael is not in his workshop, he spends his time with his family. He and his wife Sandi raised their three children in Swampscott and enjoy spending time with their seven grandchildren. 

Molly Conner // MMCRAFTS
Hand craft silver, copper, leather and beads jewelry

Molly Conner has always liked to use her hands and create things. Jewelry has found her focus and is a rewarding endeavor. She uses simple shapes, forms and hammering for a contemporary take on earrings and necklaces. Sterling silver, copper, leather, beads and wood are her items of choice to create her wares. 

When she is not making jewelry, she runs the Swampscott Historical Society, enjoys her family and friends and plays ice hockey.

Anne Curley // Kings Beach Ceramics
One-of-a-kind pieces of pottery items

I am fortunate to live and work by the sights and sounds of Kings Beach. Creating since before I can remember, my talented parents always shared their hobbies of painting and photography with us. But it was a favorite art teacher who introduced me to ceramics. One raku class and I was hooked; my next stop - Rhode Island School of Design. Fast forward a few decades to this lovely ocean town, a boatload of ceramics classes, and a renewed passion to explore shapes, textures, and glazes. I like to think of ceramics as a way to invite a bit of art into the everyday."

Julie Gordon // Seascape creations
Ocean inspired resin art

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