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Marc Morin is a fine art painter who currently lives and works in Swampscott. He grew up in Warren, MA, where he pursued painting and drawing from local artists and took classes at the Worcester Art Museum. In 2007 he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art from The Art Institute of Boston. During his time at AIB he had the opportunity to spend a semester at the Lorenzo de Medici School in Florence, Italy.

Working in all wet and dry mediums, his subject matters are rather diverse- from abstract color fields to representational portraits and landscapes.

Marc exhibits extensively in Boston and throughout Massachusetts and is currently building a new body of work in oil that explores the ideas of Tonalism by bringing landscape and figures into place of reflections.

Marc, you moved from Brighton to Swampscott almost 2 years ago. What has this transition been like for you?

My wife and I moved to Swampscott because we bought a family home which we are in the process of renovating. When we first came here, I set out to look for local artists to connect with and have since become a member of the Swampscott Art Association and Marblehead Arts Association where I currently teach classes. In addition I have networked with other surrounding arts organizations and it has been exciting and challenging to learn more about this area and its art scene. These steps are moving me in the right direction but I have heard about many more local artists that I would love to meet and start a conversation with.

Is that why you have started the support group “Artists for Artists"?

I launched Artists for Artists at the beginning of 2016, essentially as a support group for creative people. I wanted to bring artists out of their studio spaces to meet each other, share projects, get feedback and encouragement in an open, non-judgmental group that knows firsthand of the perils and rewards of creating art. Our meetings typically take place on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at the Swampscott Library, 7-8.30pm. All artists are invited to come along and anyone who would like to be part of this or included in the e-mail updates, please join the Mailing List. Our next meeting willbe Jan 10, 2017.

Could you tell us about the classes you are teaching and about your current work exploring “Tonalism”?

I offer a repertoire of Art classes such as drawing perspective, a drawing boot camp at the King Hooper Mansion in Marblehead, one -day-workshops and private lessons. I am currently teaching one day workshops at the Swampscott Public Library and in January I will  be teaching a series of classes on quick portraiture at The Dorothy and Charles Moseian Center for the Arts in Watertown which will accompany my exhibition of “100, Twenty Minute Portraits”.

​As for Tonalism, this is an American landscape painting movement that started in 1880s. The paintings are dominated by atmospheric dark and neutral tones such as gray, brown or blue. George Inness and James McNeill Whistler are two leading painters associated with this movement. My interest in Tonalism and tonalist paintings is the aspect of visual poetry.

​I have found a strong connection to these works in the moods, atmosphere and internal glow that the paintings give. These qualities, with their strong and quiet presence, are what I strive to achieve in my own work.

You are aware of ReachArt’s efforts to open an Arts and Cultural Center in Swampscott and have been an avid supporter of their efforts. What difference would such a center make for you?

First of all, I am very grateful that the library allows us to hold our “Artists for Artists” meetings there, but it is not ideal. There are no walls where we can hang the art to be viewed and we are restricted as to access to the space. 

An Arts Center with a gallery and wider access would be hugely beneficial to us as a group and to every artist in town. There is an acute lack of a proper exhibition space in Swampscott as well as a place for art teaching- for adults as well as children and young artists.

I would be happy to help in any way I can to make a Swampscott Community Arts Center a reality. Sign me up!!!!


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