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2022 MADE BY 01907 ARTISans 

Saturday, November 12th, 10 am - 4 pm at ReachArts

Your Truly Local Artisan Fair

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ARTISAN: My Brother's Table Soup Kitchen

We will be selling our cookbook along with other gift items as we celebrate 40 years of serving the community!

The mission of My Brother's Table is to nourish our community every day through hospitality, free meals, and unconditional love. Founded in 1982 MBT, the largest soup kitchen on the North Shore, has provided over 6,221,094 hot, free meals and outreach to men, women and children in need. The Table has served 2.4+ million meals since the pandemic began. The quantity of food served has been equally matched by the amount of love and care we have for our community. Thank you for helping us help.

ARTISAN: John Picariello | North Shore Bowls

Medium: Wood

Wood turned by Lathe

Turned wooden bowls made from freshly cut trees from the surrounding towns. Some may be from storm damage, or trees that the DPW have removed. It is a long process waiting for moisture to dry as well as the finishes.

As a native of Swampscott, I enjoy working with the trees of our community. There is never a shortage of usable tree wood here on the North Shore. To make a keepsake from what has grown here, around town or on a resident's property is important to me. No two are the same, and all don’t necessarily make it to finish.


ARTISAN: Suki Ellsworth | kintSuki Creations

Medium: Ceramics/Textiles

Clay, food safe glazes, upholstery fabric remnants

Sophisticated yet functional bags and pottery

From a very young age, I have always created or crafted things. My work as a caterer/chef has me creating palettes of beautiful food on plates which led me wanting to make my own dishware. It finally came to fruition during the Covid shutdown which gave me the time to take pottery classes. What a truly humbling experience that was and still is. I learned how to accept and embrace all the imperfections that came and still come my way (kintsuji.) I applaud all the potters out there! It ain't easy.

Another win in life is being able to repurpose/upcycle things. As a hobbyist sewer, I repurpose upholstery fabrics remnants otherwise meant for the waste stream to make functional yet sophisticated bags. I incorporate ceramic and repurposed wooden drapery rings for pulls. It's fun just seeing what you already have or using something unexpected to make beautiful yet functioning creations.

If I'm not catering or making things, you can find me outdoors in the garden, hiking the NE 67, camping, or recently RVing.


ARTISAN: Abbie Groff | New England Apothecary

Medium: Cosmetics

I pour my creative energy into custom-formula cosmetic chemistry. My goal is to create highly effective products with exquisite textures and fragrances to help you feel your absolute best.

I make highly effective, well balanced, sustainable little luxuries for bath & body. I'm a research scientist with a cosmetic chemistry hobby and dry skin, so I started New England Apothecary as an avenue to explore my hobby more deeply and share my creations with others. I also have an aversion to single-use plastics, so I aim to package all of my products low-or-no waste. With New England Apothecary you're buying locally hand-crafted, eco-friendly science-backed custom formulas from a woman owned & operated small business.

I'm Abbie and I run New England Apothecary, a Swampscott-based hand crafted cosmetics business with a focus on sustainable luxury. My husband Brent and I moved from Cambridge to Swampscott at the beginning of the pandemic and feel quite fortunate to live in such an arts-focused area that values small businesses. I started NEA partway through the pandemic for a variety of reasons, but mainly to more deeply explore my cosmetic chemistry hobby and use it to help folks reconnect with and love their skin and to find peace/calm/bliss in their hectic lives in the process!


ARTISAN: Nancy Marland Wolinski | Nancy Marland Jewelry

Medium: Jewelry

I work in Argentium silver and polymer clay--all handmade using traditional metalsmith techniques in addition to using CAD and 3D printing for specific elements that are all designed by me.

The foundation of my handmade silver jewelry is playful spontaneity, influenced by the work of midcentury modernists, decorative arts, and the abstraction of patterns and shapes in nature and everyday things.

The process of design really excites me. A collaboration between me (designer) and you (wearer) gives me the ultimate design challenge of bringing life and joyful expression to work that’s cohesive, well-made, and comfortable to wear.

​At the heart of my work is a playful contrast between precious metal and polymer clay—the shiny, reflective quality of silver against the colorful, patterned, matte polymer—bridging the organic with the man-made, with one foot in the natural world and the other modern and whimsical.

​I received a BFA from the Art Institute of Boston with a concentration in painting and sculpture. I have come to jewelry design later in life after having spent more than 30 years as a self-employed graphic designer. A lifetime of experience working in a variety of fine art and craft disciplines (landscape painting, ceramics, quilting, fine woodworking and graphic design) have all informed the passion I feel doing this work.


ARTISAN: Rebecca Brandt | Hola Becky

Medium: Art - Painting/Ceramics

Gouache painting and ceramics

Painting and ceramics inspired by whimsy, patterns, and nature.

I graduated from Maine College of Art and Design with a major in Painting in 2005. Through painting I explore color and textures of nature. My first love was drawing, followed by my realization that I also love working in 3D. Combining the two, I hope to create functional art made with love.


ARTISAN: Liz Bradley | Grit & Polish Design

Medium: Jewelry

Local beachstones, seaglass, vintage beads and cultured pearls. The scarves are 100% silk.

Beachstone jewelry, photography, wearable art

I create hand crafted jewelry using local beach stones tumbled to varying finishes, Swarovski crystals, seagrass, vintage beads and cultured pearls. I also created scarves using my photographs of local flora and fauna.


ARTISAN: Hannah Cloud Sharpless

Medium: Art - Natural Inks/Jewelry/Textiles/Photography

The connecting theme of my work is color from nature. I use locally foraged botanical and mineral inks, dyes, and pigments to create natural ink paintings, botanically dyed fabric and wooden beads.

Abstract Nature Photography and Paintings, Textiles, Clothing and Wooden Jewelry created using natural botanical dyes and mineral pigments foraged locally.

Hannah uses natural, foraged, botanical inks, dyes, and mineral pigments to create abstract paintings and hand dyed textiles and jewelry. These works can be ephemeral in nature but watching how they change over time is part of what is interesting to her. She loves combining her love for hiking and exploring nature with her art and photography practice and is always seeing, learning, and understanding things in new ways as a result. Follow her at to see what she sees.

ARTISAN: Lee Eddy | Wilder Woodcrafts

Medium: Wood

Wood, ceramic tile, epoxy resins

Wood end grain cutting boards, Wood and tile trivets sea shore coasters.

Lee has spent 45 years working as a library/media specialist and coaching track. He continues as the head coach for the local girls track team but has retired from full-time teaching.

In the past, Lee loved spending any free time working on his woodworking projects; i.e. building blanket chests, bathroom vanities, kitchen cabinets, side tables and then trivets for x-mas gifts.

Now with retirement & Covid, he has plunged into making end grain cutting boards. Each unique board is made out of native hardwoods and a few sustainable hardwoods from Africa, South & Central America.

He designs each board as he progresses through the multiple cuttings and glue ups. He then sands them down to 400 grit sandpaper & finishes them with mineral oil & bees' wax. Stands can also be made available if you choose to mount your work of art to the wall, thus taking up less counter space.

Care of your handcrafted end grain cutting board: The end grain design resists knife marks and will not dull blades. Each board, from time to time, should be refinished with oil to keep it's beauty.

The boards should not be put into a dishwasher and should be washed by hand.

Enjoy your one-of-a-kind cutting board, Trivet, or Coaster!


ARTISAN: Trudi Olivetti | GG Book Arts

Medium: Bookmaking

Paper, book board and linen thread

Small handmade journals and sketchbooks of various structures. Also paper toys, such as Jacob’s ladders

Trudi Olivetti has been a book binder for more than ten years. She has been trained in various book binding structures and techniques at the Eliot School in Jamaica Plain, the North Bennet Street School in Boston, the Center for Book Arts in New York City, and at the San Francisco Center for Book Arts.

ARTISAN: Julie Gordon | Seascape Creations, LLC

Medium: Art - Sea Glass

Coastal-inspired resin art that combines sea glass and other beach treasures to create mixed media, one-of-a-kind pieces that capture the serenity of the sea. Offerings include a wide array of creations, including wood, glass and canvas wall art, window art, serving boards, holiday ornaments, and much more.

Coastal-inspired resin art that combines sea glass and other beach treasures to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

Julie Gordon is a multidisciplinary artist with more than 30 years of experience in painting, ceramics, photography, and more. A Swampscott resident for 25 years, Julie began to find ways to capture the joy and beauty of living in this small town by the sea! In 2013, she found it in the form of Resin Art. Using beach treasures as her palette, Julie began creating thoughtfully-designed windows (that she coined “Seascape Windows”) and has since expanded her portfolio to combine resin with mixed media, including photography, painting, and ceramics.


ARTISAN: Tara Kiusalas | T. Kiusalas

Medium: Art - Sea Glass

I use sea glass, sea pottery, sea shells and pen and ink in my artwork.

I have been creating art-pieces since my freshman year at college when I change my major to art. I studied art at Dean college for two years and then went on to get my bachelors degree in art education from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. I’ve had two solo shows and was part of two group shows. I went on to study acupuncture and received my masters degree in Chinese medicine. I am a practicing acupuncturist but have never stopped creating artwork. Early on in my career I worked extensively in watercolor and over the last 8 years I have been working with beach finds such as sea glass, sea pottery and seashells. I grew up on Cape Cod and am the daughter of Dick Kiusalas who founded West Barnstable Tables in 1970. My father most definitely passed on his artistic talent to me and I am grateful.


ARTISAN: Sammia Attoui | MiraMar Printmaking

Medium: Art - Printmaking

Relief Printmaking (carved out of wood or linoleum, inked, and printed onto artist paper).

Handmade block prints of monsters, marina and myths.

MiraMar Print Lab is an art studio and gallery focused on the art of printmaking. Run by artist duo, Sammia Atoui & Adrian Rodriguez, the shop releases limited edition collections consisting of original, hand made, hand printed pieces.

Additionally, the studio offers classes and workshops for all ages.


ARTISAN: Gretchen Wollerscheid

Medium: Art - Painting

Acrylic on Stretched Canvas for the original works. Some are prints of original works.

Original acrylic paintings.


ARTISAN: Stephanie Moriarity | S. M. Pottery

Medium: Ceramics

Red Clay Stoneware

Functional pottery

Stephanie Moriarty is originally from New York's Hudson Valley. After nearly a decade in Boston, she and her family moved to Swampscott in 2013. Motivated by a life long curiosity of ceramics, she began taking classes at The Clay School in Lynn. Since then her mastery and love of the medium have grown exponentially. Turning what was merely a hobby into a thriving ceramics business. Stephanie's pottery can now be found at Raven stone, local farmers markets and art shows. Her unique style is a blend of classic form and contemporary comfort. The ergonomic feel of the cup is as warms and comforting as the drink inside.


ARTISAN: Amy Rada | Rustic Baking and Catering

Medium: Baked Goods

I make all baked goods from scratch using the highest quality ingredients. 

Custom cakes, cookies, pastry, and hot cocoa bombs

I grew up on a small family farm in Iowa, moving to Boston in 2001. After spending most of my time in the hospitality industry, I started making small cakes for a friend’s birthday or cookies as holiday gifts. I absolutely love seeing the smiles on peoples’ faces when they see their creations.


ARTISAN: Michael Buba | MJB Creations

Medium: Wood

Wood and Stainless Steel

Hand Crafted Utensils, Pens, and Toys & Games

Life long woodworker, crafting commercially since 2010. Swampscott resident since 1984 with Wife "Townie" wife Sandra.


ARTISAN: Jessica Vogel | The Beaded Birdie

Medium: Jewelry

The Beaded Birdie jewelry is made with a wide variety of high quality materials including glass, wood, acrylic, polymer, thread, wire, and gold plated metal.

The Beaded Birdie offers everything from dainty and delicate neutral pieces, to bright, colorful, and chunky pieces as well. Regardless of the variety in color and materials found throughout our pieces, a core theme throughout much of The Beaded Birdie brand is florals, nature, and organic shapes. The Beaded Birdie specializes in jewelry pieces made by weaving glass seed beads, most often into a “daisy chain” pattern.

I spent my early childhood in Germany, (my last name means Bird in German which is where the brand name comes from), and I take a lot of the inspiration in making jewelry from my favorite childhood jewelry pieces. My taste in jewelry has changed and matured as I've grown older but I am still drawn to colorful pieces that evoke confidence and pure, genuine joy. I make jewelry that I would be happy to wear and I especially love working with bright, sometimes unexpected, color combinations, patterns, and shapes because I hope that every customer will feel just a little bit happier every time they wear a Beaded Birdie piece.


ARTISAN: Elizabeth Knudsen Marden Point Designs

Medium: Clothing

I use various types of fabric to create my baby and toddler clothes, including upcycled wool sweaters. All pieces are handmade using my Singer Featherweight sewing machine that was made in 1936.

Handmade baby and toddler clothes with a focus on using upcycled wool sweaters and creating "grow-with-me" styles for extended wear.

My mom is a talented seamstress who taught me how to sew in middle school and I've been sewing ever since. I have sewed many things over the years, from my first project of a duvet cover to quilts, couch cushions, and bags, but lately have focused on baby and toddler clothes for my daughter and to give as gifts. People have been telling me I should sell my baby clothes for years, and I'm so excited to finally do that!


ARTISAN: Matt Cronin North Shore Glass School

Medium: Glass

Fused Soda Lime Glass

One of a kind fused and kiln formed glass items.

Michael C. Hall has been working with glass for over 20 years. In addition to the NSGS Michael is owner of Curran Glassworks + Design, and Lead Glass Designer at Lightband  His large scale installations can be found in restaurants, hotels, and office lobbies internationally. Michael lives in Swampscott with his wife and two aspiring young glassblowers. Matt Cronin is a glass artist, sculptor and teacher working out of Salem, Massachusetts.  He has over twenty years’ experience working in the medium of glass and ten years teaching. His work has been on display at museums, galleries and private collections throughout the country.  Matt and his wife live in Marblehead with their young children. North Shore Glass School offers private lessons, group lessons, summer workshops, birthday parties, and more!



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